Brindavan Agro Industries Limited is a Private Limited Firm Registered in Agra, UP (Uttar Pradesh, India). The company has a soft drink bottling plant in Agra, (UP). They are the main bottle providers for Coca Cola India. The company has other business venture also that is, Wind Power Generation and Hospitality. 

History of Brindavan Agro Industries Limited

The company was originally established in the year 1993 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company was awarded as a finest bottler award two times and has become the bottling associate for one of the biggest beverage company ‘Coca Cola’. Also, the company acquires other businesses in the year 2005 that was Wind Power Generation and Hospitality. In this business, the company inaugurated two wind mills in Karnataka, India. The wind mill presently produces 6kilowatts of wind power each year. Generating 6kilowatts power is a huge contribution towards the green energy insurgence.

In the year 2008, Brindavan Agro Industries completed the construction of Five Star Property in Uttar Pradesh itself; lately the property has been recreated as Radisson Blu Agra.

Inauguration of bottling plant ‘Coca Cola’ in Chhata, Uttar Pradesh

In India, in the year 2012, the beverage company ‘Coca Cola’ announced the investment of 5 billion dollars till 2020, as the company already invested about 2 billion dollars in 1993-2011. This kind of huge investment required and rose up the demand of bottling as well. This is because the new plant has inaugurated for Coca Cola.

The Chhata bottling plant is primarily started for the beverage company Coca Cola’s bottling requirements in 24th October 2013. This bottling plant was owned by Brindavan Agro Industries Limited. The total investment of the company on Chhata, UP plant was 125 crore. The company created two parallel lines for bottling- 1) dazzling pet bottle line 2) sparkling glass bottle line. Both the lines equally produce six hundred bottles each day.

The People in the Directorial Panel of Brindavan Agro industries Limited

  • Gulab Chand Ladhani
  • Alka Ladhani
  • Lata Ladhani

The Growth of the Company and Ekansh Ladhani

Ekansh ladhani

Ekansh Ladhani is one of Director of Brindavan Agro Industries since the year 2008. He’s been motivating the development plans of the company. All the expansion plans of the company are done under his supervision and guidance. Slowly and gradually the company developed itself into a Wind Power Generation and Hospitality business as well. As Ekansh Ladhani is holding the bachelor degree in Finance and PGD in Hospitality management, his skills provide the right direction to the company and helped him to acquire success in each business.

The Growth of the Company and Paritosh Ladhani

Paritosh LadhaniMr. Paritosh Ladhani is the Executive Director of the Company. He is an MBA in entrepreneurship from University of Stirling, Scotland. He was inducted as the Executive Director (Operations and Business Development) at a young age of 21. As a Business Development head, Mr. Paritosh has taken the GLadhani Group to an altogether higher growth trajectory. In the 14 years that he has been in the Group, he has accelerated growth, built a meritocracy and enhanced stakeholder value. The group’s turnover has grown manifolds due to his beliefs of continuous innovation and excellence in execution.

““ Pursue excellence in whatever you do, while being focussed and disciplined. Success would definitely follow you.”

The Growth of the Company and Gulab Chand Ladhani

Gulab Chand Ladhani

Starting the journey with Coca Cola bottling in 1993, Mr. Gulab Chand Ladhani formed Brindavan Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd (BAIL) [The first bottling partner of the Coca-Cola Company in India]. Today when growth and economics has attained new meaning and symbolism, his vision is very clear about development and reaching to new heights. Mr. Gulab Chand Ladhani has been sensitive and receptive to all the growing years. He trusts his roots and believes in being the basic in culture but has always been anxious to incorporate fresh and innovative elements to brace up ourselves. With expansion in hospitality, energy and real estate, he has taken the group turnover from scratch to 700 crores (US $120 million) in last 21 years.

“The success of the group lies with the human resources who have made commendable efforts in every situation and delivered the desired results, thereby performing better and better over the years.”

The company Today

The winning improvement in all the three major business segments, Brindavan Agro has proved its remarkable development and potential. The company touched the new heights of success and shows the maturity in all the three businesses.